Wednesday, March 7, 2012

About Us

We are the Guerilla Recyclers and we love thinking of creative ways to reuse and recycle rubbish.

Look out for us at this years festival scene as we will be running workshops showing how to create treasure from festival rubbish, including Tin Can ashtrays, Tetra-pac wallets, Junk Jewellery, Plastic Bottle Planters, Rag-Rugs, Dream Catchers, Seed balls, Cob Rocket Stove and clothes revamping in our Free/Swap shop.

Come and hang out in our Yome where you can have your face painted, try some knitting, or just enjoy some herbal teas and vegan cakes.  We also have a small sound system and a LED projector for film showings, which we can run off our solar panels.

We are a non profit organsiation so all our workshops, information and activites are free!!

Our Roots

 Our interest in creativily reusing and recycling waste stems from our interest in occupying disused land inorder to build sustainable, eco friendly communities.  Our land projects so far include Kew Bridge Eco Village, Hounslow Community Land Project and Protect the Wilderness in the Forest of Dean.

In these projects we transformed disused fields into thriving community and growing spaces. We built self sufficient villages entirely from recycling and reusing local waste and we reguarly held workhops and events for the local community.

We also have an established growing space in London called Syon Lane Community Allotment. The land has been freely loaned to us by its owner and we have created an allotment which is free and avaliable for use to the local neighbours, schools and other community groups.  We have experimented with different growing techniques such as permaculture, forest gardening and seedbombing.  The majority of our crops are either edible or useful in other ways such as medicinal herbs, plus some experimental plants like quinoa, tobacco and oca. We also hold regular workshops and open days.

We are happy to exchange our skills, ideas and advice about sustainable land occupations, land rights and gardening for a community at our festival stall this summer!


This Earth divided we will make whole, so it can be a common treasury for all.

Hello please circulate this to friends and interested parties…

Stand Up Ye Diggers All!

On Saturday 09th June, we will be walking from Syon Lane Community Allotmentin West London to Windsor.  We will be camping for one night on the route. Our aim is to start a community on a piece of disused land on the Crown Estate.
We plan to grow our own food, make shelters and live sustainably: to show an alternative to our system of crisis. We call for the right for everyone to be able to use the disused land to live on, free the yoke of debt and rent.
If you share our vision, and you are willing to work to achieve it, we welcome you to join us.

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